This is an overview of the store documentation.

Possible use cases include (but are not limited to)

  • ComputerCraft front-end possibly for embedding in an OS
  • Application for managing your projects using a token
  • Automatically updating project page through CLI using a token
  • Discord bot (better view, search or upload of projects)
  • Another bot for a different platform
  • Website (same as Discord bot)
  • Arcade in CC
  • Anything you think is fun or useful :)

A little more info

Each endpoint returns a JSON object and POST endpoints also require the body to be formatted as JSON. If you are building a CC front-end application, you must use the POST /api/log/download endpoint to report to the server when a project has been installed using the install command.

The returned JSON object always has a "success" value with an "error" value as a string as well if an error occured.